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Please, if anyone can pitch in anything and help me and my family with this effort at bringing a lawsuit to ALL those involved mentioned below, I would be ETERNALLY grateful!

You can find my support campaign page here: https://givesendgo.com/GVAU.

Thank you so much for your help with this unbelievably RIDICULOUS matter.


On 11/25/2019, I was arrested due to circumstances that led to a complete hysterical and irrational overreaction from 10 Barrel located in the NE side of Bend, OR. A female server by the name of Josephine Kinney fabricated and then propagated a story to her coworkers by stating that I grabbed her ass. However, what really occurred was me bumping into someone when pulling out a bar stool from a table and attempting to take a seat. I looked back and saw a female peering at me with a look of disgust like I was afflicted with leprosy. In a very rude and imperious tone, she said “Excuse me!”. I acknowledged her and was attempting to apologize about the innocent and inadvertent collision, but then she abruptly walked away.  This person then apparently went around her workplace and began disseminating nothing but total mistruths that I groped her.

Why would someone do something like this?

Well, it’s quite simple.

This is Oregon, home of ANTIFA, Emperor Kate Brown, and full of extreme radical Leftists that absolutely LOATHE anyone like me!

Who am I?

I am a White (already a big demerit from that one), Conservative (disgusting, I know!), heterosexual (oh NO, say it ain’t so!), and now the big one, I am a MALE (I deserve a slow torturous death for this biological transgression). 

The truth of the matter is that Josephine Kinney didn’t like me for the aforementioned because my “Trump 2020 Make Liberals Cry Again” sticker told her everything she needed to know about me and it is EVERYTHING she HATES in this world.

Oregon is overpopulated with people like Josephine Kinney that are these young, White, Leftist females, full of misandry and harbor antipathy towards people like me (this is their privilege and they are allowed to CONSTANTLY get away with it in Blue States) that have illusions of grandeur that consists of themselves changing the world with their WOKE SJW ideologies. The only thing that people like this change are equilibrium to chaos and disfunction. Josephine Kinney proceeded to circulate a manufactured event that never occurred all because she wanted to discredit, harm, and mischaracterize me. Then, when the Police showed up, she changed her story.

It’s simple, I was falsely accused of something I didn’t do.

Then, 10 Barrel went out of control. 

Read on to learn more. . .


I was with two Hispanic men, a father and a son, that I had just met at a previous establishment. They seemed like nice guys and they invited me along to join them at 10 Barrel, so I obliged. When we walked in to take a seat, I accidentally bumped into one of the servers quite hard while trying to sit at a table while her back was to me. She turned and looked at me with a look of consternation and she responded, “Excuse me!”. In my effort at trying to apologize to, she simply turned and walked away. I then draped a sweater I had over the barstool that my 9 year old son put a Trump sticker on. I was in a mood to make a statement regarding my support for the President because of the ridiculous impeachment going on at the time by the Domestic Terrorist Party (aka Democrat Party) and I didn’t really care who I offended because I am constantly offended as a Conservative living in a Blue State like Oregon being ran by Emperor Kate Brown. 

Oh, BTW, how ironic is it that a Trump supporter sits down with two Brown men that speak Spanish? Yeah, it doesn’t fit the narrative that people like me are RACIST! It literally sounds like one of those fatuous jokes tossed around in circles where bucolic, unrefined men love to frolic.

“So, a Trump supporter walks into a bar with two Hispanic men. . . “

Sorry, there’s no punchline here. 

The Left NEVER seem to live by their own standards that they just LOVE to project on others. 

You know what I have NEVER seen in Bend, OR? Any White Lefty sitting down with anyone other than other White Lefties – EVER!

This town is full of smug, self-righteous, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory, White Leftists prancing around constantly decrying so-called racial injustices of American society. Yet, if you check the Census Bureau’s website below, you will see that these sanctimonious White Lefties live in a town that has a demographic comprised of 92.7% Whites. 

Don’t you just LOVE how Blue State White Leftists get away with such hypocrisy?


After we took our seat I ordered beers for us and we chatted a bit, but then the son (Jesus Cruz) was apparently making excessive compliments towards the female workers regarding their apparent physical appearance according to what the Police report stated. I couldn’t hear very well due to how loud and crowded it was as well as my tinnitus (ringing in my ears) I have from former military service. Therefore, I was not able to hear exactly what was being said by this individual to the female staff, but I could tell that they were feeling uncomfortable with it which in turn was making me feel very uncomfortable. I did hear a couple of times Jesus Cruz kept saying the Spanish words “Bonita” and “Hermosa” to the females, but that’s about as much as I was able to pick up and understand. I never heard him say anything egregious or disgusting, but perhaps he did and I simply did not hear it.

There was one particular moment that freaked me out a bit and that was when one of the servers walked by and Jesus Cruz kept saying, “Ooo, look at her, ooo” and he would press his lips together while doing this and it appeared he was making what was detailed in the Police report as a “kissy face”. His father then followed up in like manner by saying, “Oh yeah, mmmhhhmm”. It was at this point that I felt like I should try to change the topic and I began inquiring about where they were from and where Jesus’ mother was. The point I was trying to make by bringing up his mother was to make a point, which was that he has a mother, who’s obviously a female and to not disrespect the female staff, but he apparently was oblivious to my attempts. At one point Jesus Cruz actually grabbed one of the female servers by the right elbow and pulled her to him. Because of this, I removed the Trump sticker off of my sweatshirt because I did not want anyone to think that people like me that support our President would voluntarily surround themselves with those that act in such a manner. I wanted to try and make one last ditch effort to help him realize that he needed to stop with what he obviously presumed was playful banter instead of unsolicited and offensive flirtations.

So, I stood up and went to his side of the table and put my arm around him and simply told him to stop trying to hit on the female staff because they will kick him out. He then looked at me and said, “Well, let’s go to your house then!”. I told him that I have a wife and two kids and we cannot go to my house and that I don’t even know them. This is when I was now ready to separate myself from these two “gentlemen”. So I was trying to finish my beer quickly and leave. Then, suddenly, I recall that someone approached the table and said something to Jesus Cruz and to his father and they stood up. It was at this point that I believed that they were asked to leave, but again, I wasn’t able to hear the conversation. I stood up as well ready to move away to another area of the bar to free up the table and to part ways with two men, feeling quite relieved that they were asked to leave the establishment.

They were still lingering around the table and kept asking me in a very importune manner if they could come to my house and I had to keep telling them no. I have a wife and two children, so I was not about to have two drunk strangers I have never met at my place, especially with one acting the way he was to the female staff. I explained to him that going to my house was not going to happen and he said he would drop me off. I told him that he was too drunk and that he shouldn’t be driving in his condition and that I would call him a Lyft ride, but he vehemently declined.

This is when I decided to excuse myself to the restroom to try and sever ties with them. I placed my sweatshirt over a barstool at the bar this time before I went to the restroom to basically mark my spot and to let the two men know that I was not about to go anywhere with them and had every intention of staying there. I went to the restroom and the two men mentioned that they were going to wait for me outside (again, they didn’t seem to get it) and I just said, “Okay, whatever man!”. I walked into the restroom and looked in the mirror thinking how in the hell did I get myself in this predicament. I washed my hands and splashed some water on my face and waited in there for about 10-15 minutes because I wanted to make sure that they left before I came back out. I opened up the door and peeked around the corner and I did not see them. I was very reassured at this point and took a sigh of relief. 


After I left the restroom, I walked over to the barstool where my sweatshirt was and sat down. I pulled out my phone to look at the time and wanted to give me another 10-15 minutes before calling a Lyft to ensure that the two men were not still waiting for me in the parking lot and could follow me home to where my family was. It was about this point that the 10 Barrel Manager, Alison Ratcliffe, tapped me on the shoulder and exclaimed loudly that I needed to leave because I, “inappropriately touched someone”. I did not realize that the person she was referring to at the time was the server, Josephine Kinney, that I accidentally bumped into. I thought that was already understood to be exactly what it was, a simple bump, as I was trying to sit down, but as you will see, she was the person the Manager was referring to.

I explained to her that it was not me, it was the individual at the table that I was initially sitting with. She kept insisting that it was me. I then realized that this must be a politically motivated response because of the Trump sticker that was on my sweatshirt that I had already removed out of angst that I would be misrepresented because of the two men’s previous improprieties. Alison Ratcliffe kept yelling as loud as she could making an enormous spectacle and everyone was looking at us. I was trying to explain to her very calmly that I had nothing to do with the two men that just left that were saying inappropriate things to her staff. She had me stand up and began to escort me to the entry way. On the way to the front of the establishment, Alison Ratcliffe kept verbally accosting me and I felt hands pushing me from behind. I turned and saw a male with her and abruptly asked him, “Dude, do you want to fucking fight me or something? What’s your problem?” because I assumed he was the one physically assaulting me.

As we got to the entry way, I was in shock and just wanted to hurry up and get out of there, but when I looked outside, I saw several men looking at me and I felt very apprehensive for my physical well-being because they could be there to physically assault me over my political inclinations. I then walked back over to the entrance to where Alison Ratcliffe was and the male that I thought was assaulting me and tried to pull the handle to see if I could go around to their outside patio to exit instead for my safety in order to circumvent what seemed to be a very precarious situation I was in. This crazed person (Alison Ratcliffe) just held onto the handle with her face completely contorted with a look of complete derangement, it was ridiculous. I then said, “Hey, there are a lot of guys out here! What’s going on? What are you trying to do to me?”, but there was no response from her.

It was about this time that I was trying to reach for my cell phone to call a Lyft ride before I was going to put myself in any danger to be harmed. As I was trying to grab my phone, I pulled on the popper that’s adhered on the back of it and I yanked on it and this is when it started to eject my knife out of my pocket. Afraid that my knife would end up falling on the ground and the blade popping open, which was the very last thing I needed at this point, I grasped it as quick as I could. As my knife was in my hand, I wanted to ensure that the blade lock did not get knocked open by accident when I was frantically fishing around for my phone. After I confirmed that the blade lock was on, I put my knife back in my pocket and I decided to just hurry up and leave the establishment because I was feeling very threatened being stuck between Alison Ratcliffe and the men outside. It was at this point I noticed that some folks had gazes of shock and awe and I tried to alleviate their worry by putting my hand up and saying, “Sorry, sorry, I was reaching for my phone”.

After this, I was ready to just leave no matter if I felt I would get jumped outside. So, I again approached the front entrance and decided that it would be best to take my chances and end up outside than to stay inside 10 Barrel surrounded by people that are obviously insane and making false accusations about me. As I put my hands on the door to finally leave, someone grabbed me from behind and I tried pushing this person off of me. During the scuffle, we ended up outside. I was in absolute distress and began walking as fast as I could to get to the road, not making eye contact with anyone. 

What Brandishing a Knife Really Looks Like!

Now that I got that out of the way, let me show you what brandishing a knife truly looks like!

Here is a Jailer, still in uniform, in Hillsboro, OR, holding a folding knife with the blade exposed in his hand attempting to intimidate Trump supporters:

The reason I am showing this is because this is what 10 Barrel, the Bend Police, and John Hummel will have you believe I did. Well, this claim is simply another false accusation and I already stated above what really happened.

I NEVER, not once, opened or exposed the blade and I NEVER approached anyone while it was in my hand temporarily when I was ensuring the blade lock did not get knocked in the disabled position.



As I was walking hastily toward the street while once again fishing for my phone in my pocket, someone yelled behind me to, “STOP!”. I was full of fear, apprehension, and anxiety as I turned around and I saw a man that had his right hand on his hip and his left hand up in the air in a halt gesture. This person literally looked like he was in a gunslinger pose as if we were going to have a revisitation of the OK Corral, it was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE what was going on at this place. He said that he was an off-duty Bend Police Officer and that he was going to detain me. I was basically in utter disbelief at this point and asked if everyone at this bar has gone completely insane.

He asked me to take my hands out of my pockets, but then I replied, “Why? I didn’t do anything! Who are you?”. There was another man standing a few feet away as a bystander. He was about at my 4 or 5 o’ clock position and I recall him being quite tall, possibly around 6’4 or taller. I stared right at him with a look of dread and imploration.  He knew what I was trying to say by the look on my face and he responded, “Just comply man, it will be easier”. So, I did just that. I asked the supposed off-duty Police officer if he had a badge, but he never presented it. This brought me even more concern for my safety since he never presented proof that he was who he claimed to be and it was at this point that I began thinking he could just be some crazy ANTIFA member that hates Trump supporters and was impersonating an Officer to cause me harm or something.

Cade Liverman decided to follow me as I was in panic mode while attempting to get the hell away from an extremely tumultuous and threatening atmosphere because he believed I was somehow a danger. He believed this because he heard only one side of the story and didn’t fully grasp the context of the events that took place in their entirety. So, he follows me outside while I am a frantic mess and rushing as fast as I can to the road to call Lyft to pick me up. I had no weapon in my hand, I was not attacking anyone and I was nowhere near anyone at this point, but he believed I was a danger to public safety? I did what 10 Barrel asked and I happily escaped their establishment after being accosted, attacked and physically assaulted, but like a Death Start tracking beam, Cade Liverman simply pulled me back in and refused to let this night evaporate. Cade Liverman refused to let me go home to my wife and children and forced me on my knees in a grassy area like I was some Ho Chi Minh loyalist Vietcong POW.

People were walking by and I was absolutely humiliated over what? LIES, false allegations and accusations!

Cade Liverman injected himself into a circumstance that he did not fully understand and he only had one side of the facts. He never asked me my side of the story and simply regarded the account given by 10 Barrel as some infallible truth. However, given that the Bend Police Department hire lousy Officers like David Poole, I am not surprised by this at all. There is absolutely ZERO accountability in the Bend Police Department and simply put, something MUST be done about that!


Three other Police Officers eventually showed up and they placed me under arrest for the following three charges:

  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Menacing

YES! You read those charges correctly, those are not typos!

ONLY in a Blue State like Oregon can you ACTUALLY be arrested for holding your own knife where the blade literally is not OPENED and be charged by Blue State cops with “Unlawful Use of a Weapon”.

As they were putting handcuffs on me I kept saying, “Are you kidding me here? What is wrong with you people? Are you all insane?”

One of the Officers who appeared to be the youngest one approached me and yelled something like, “Oh, you want to go around asking people if they want to fucking fight, huh? You a real tough guy, huh?” Like he’s some Joe Pesci character from Goodfellas or something, it was ridiculous! He was referring to my response after I was accosted and physically assaulted by 10 Barrel employees. So, the “progressive” Blue State Stasi Foot Soldiers of Bend (aka the Bend Police Department) believes it is perfectly fine for me to be targeted for my political beliefs, falsely accused, verbally accosted, physically assaulted, forced to be put in an ominous, precarious, and potentially violent circumstance and my act of self-preservation by responding in such a manner to such gratuitous misconduct directed at me was somehow viewed as lacking justification.


Yup, that sounds like the Bend Police Department alright!

So folks, take note! Generation Y megalomaniacs inflicted with an illusory superiority complex working at micro breweries now have the right to go around attacking, targeting, and harassing their patrons verbally and physically and the Blue State Stasi Bend Police will haul you off to the Deschutes County Gulag if you merely utter words such as, “Dude, do you want to fucking fight or something man? What is your problem?” after they put their hands on you, shove you, and accost you.

Where do they get these LEOs from, North Korea? Nah, that would be an upgrade actually!

I am not joking one bit, this ALL really happened!

Welcome to the Orwellian Dystopia folks with the Bend Police leading the way along with their buddy, John Hummel and Rosalie Beaumont, his Deputy DA.

YAY, we’re so lucky in Central Oregon to have such apparatchiks working in the so called “Justice System”!

Believe me, it’s more like an “INjustice System” than anything else with a District Attorney Office and a Police Department like this!

I called a local attorney and apparently the DA dropped the felony charges, but I still have a trial coming up because good ol’ John Hummel needs to etch more marks above his bed post about how many lives he has screwed over to placate the radical Left in Central Oregon that have an affinity of seeing Conservatives being wrongfully and unjustly accused of false allegations.

On top of all that, I had to take money out of my retirement to pay the attorney $15K to represent me instead of using it to take care of my family.


Simply put, John Hummel is a Politician masquerading as a Prosecutor. He sways wherever the political winds seem to blow, as long as they blow Left, because, well, he is a Democrat in one of the most treasonous rogue states in the Union (Oregon) ran by one of the MOST treasonous Governors in the Union (Kate Brown).

Given my Conservative political leanings and my support for President Trump, do you really believe that I will get a fair trial with someone like John Hummel as the District Attorney in Deschutes County, Oregon?

Of course not!

Who is John Hummel?

He disagrees with ICE for trying to make our nation safer:

So, John Hummel believes that it’s wrong for Federal Agents to detain illegal immigrants with warrants, but it’s perfectly fine for me to be almost shot by Cade Liverman (off duty Police Officer), detained by him and the Blue State Stasi Foot Soldiers of Bend (aka Bend Police), fingerprinted, mugshot posted and plastered ALL over online along with my full name, along with a night in jail spent away from my family, forced to retain an attorney using funds from my retirement account that I cannot afford – ALL because someone decided to falsely accuse me of actions I NEVER committed!

I suppose that is quite all right with John Hummel!

That seems perfectly equitable for Blue State style WOKE justice nowadays!

John Hummel Believes Violent Rioting ANTIFA Mobs Are Perfectly Fine – But The Use of Tear Gas To Disperse Them Isn’t!

John Hummel also believes that ANTIFA and violent BLM agitators have a right to be destructive and that the Portland Police should not use deterrents to break up riots, oops, I mean “Peaceful Protests”, by using tear gas: https://centraloregondaily.com/amid-protests-some-people-concerned-about-new-police-chiefs-portland-background/.

So, apparently, John Hummel believes that I pose more of a risk to the public than molotov cocktail throwing black clad punks attacking those they disagree with politically – WOW!

Is this really the kind of DA we need right now in Deschutes County?

A DA that constantly plays politics and makes determinations on charges based on the gravity of a case’s political weight?

America is at a crossroads right now and DAs like John Hummel are only making political tensions worse.

This is NOT what we need!

His Office is Accused of Discrimination According to a Former Deputy DA

John Hummel Supports Police Being Politicized Rather Than Being Impartial

Here’s a link to one of John Hummel’s many blatherings where he, YET again, graces us with his presence in front of another camera where he states that Police Officers should have denounced “White Supremacy” in order to appease the radical Leftist mob that were attacking them and chanting anti-Police slogans:

He’s Too Feign and Political!

If I didn’t know better, I would say that John Hummel prefers to moonlight as a thespian that caters to the emotions of volatile molotov cocktail throwing rioters (aka “Peaceful Protestors”) rather than be a public servant who champions the idea of nonpartisan neutrality and rational pragmatism. If there’s a camera and a microphone around, you can bet John Hummel is somewhere near just itching to showcase his skills of sophistry, ingratiation, placation, and capitulation to his radical Leftists fan base residing in Central Oregon. 

Do you see how John Hummel utilizes all the radical Leftist cliche talking points such as “social justice” and “White Supremacy”? These have completely lost their luster after the lunatics of the radical Left sabotaged their usage to the point of dilution and have now become euphemisms for anarchy, anti-Americanism, anti-conservatism, anti-police, anti-order, and anti-White!

Is this the way a District Attorney is supposed to carry themselves?

Are they supposed to allow themselves to become wrapped up in a tumultuous political environment that exposes their true bias and lack of objectivity? 

Of course not! 

John Hummel literally stated that he was disappointed with the Bend Police for NOT denouncing “White Supremacy” while they were being attacked by a mob of radical Leftist provocateurs that were initially called to assemble by a known local anti-American, anti-White racist extremist group that call themselves the “Central Oregon Peacekeepers”, which is obviously a misnomer. The founder of this WOKE JOKE of a group, Luke Richter, a Brazilian man, who does nothing but incessantly spew treasonous garbage, audaciously refers to himself as a proponent of social justice while simultaneously targeting an entire racial group of Americans by labeling them RACISTS and SUPREMACISTS simply due to their mere existence, but John Hummel seems to be perfectly fine with this. I guess John Hummel feels that one brand of “Supremacy” is better than another all because some bogus appellation is affixed to it like, “Social Justice”. I come from an old school way of thinking that ALL supremacy should be rejected and ALL Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, or origin, should be united under the banner of American idealism. Instead, John Hummel seems to embrace the notion that America can be divvied up like a pie based on identity and skin color and we will somehow endure as a nation rather than succumb to civil war, division, chaos, and self-destruction.

It doesn’t work like that, John Hummel!

The cognitive dissonance that the Left commits nonstop is what is so atrocious. The Left’s attempt at advancing virtuous racism directed at European Americans and then brazenly and with impunity conflating it with some form of contemporary egalitarianism is what is so incredibly scandalous and disgraceful, but John Hummel embraces this and even promotes it.

If John Hummel truly wants to be on the RIGHT side of history instead misrepresenting his office as a demagogue, he should request that Luke Richter and his band of insurrectionists and agitators denounce ALL supremacy, not just “White Supremacy”! When radical Leftists go around shoving their hands in White Americans faces and shouting that they are Fascists, Nazis, Supremacists, and Racists with the sole purpose to vilify, demonize, denigrate, lambaste, castigate, marginalize, and disparage them, all because of their skin color and their political leanings, then their cries against inequality should be revealed as the social forgery and hoax that it truly is. John Hummel apparently is quite alright with the Left’s attempt to grant themselves justification and amnesty from being deemed as the very thing they constantly decry and despise – RACISTS! This is not how you try to create unity and bring others together, this is how you divide and polarize. When the Left sees everything through the lens of race and identity, cohesion and solidarity are NOT the goal, sowing chaos and disorder are!

I recall from history a notorious and malevolent figure applied similar socio-political maneuvers in his country in 1930s Germany where he targeted an entire race of people he loathed. It started as anything would, innocuous at first, but then it turned into a murderous genocidal rampage against the Jewish people and we all know how that turned out. The Left is entering extremely dangerous territory these days with their unwarranted persecution of White Conservative Americans, but this is what John Hummel labels, “Social Justice”.

John Hummel has publicly proven too many times where his allegiances and loyalties lie and they are out of touch with Central Oregon residents that stand for unity, traditional American values, patriotism, civility, and TRUE justice! We are seeing an ever increasing number of those that work within the halls of the American Criminal Justice System unveil their true identity as apparatchiks that blatantly and openly advocate a political agenda that desires a fundamental transformation of the United States of America. This is dangerous in our Republic, but District Attorneys like John Hummel across our nation simply do not care because they are emboldened to press on due to the exponential increase in the radical Leftist population that promotes, enables, and endorses subversive voices that should be the antithesis of the offices in which they represent. 

John Hummel is NOT about upholding justice, he is ONLY concerned about his personal gain and his political career. 

This is a repugnant man who should be recalled and disbarred ASAP!

Oregon Secretary of State Candidate Public Information

John Hummel’s Reelection

John Hummel will be up for reelection on the Primary ballot in May 2022. He ran as a Democrat (of course!) last time according to what the Deschutes County Clerk’ Office explained to me. John Hummel MUST be voted out of office! He is both draconian and lenient when he shouldn’t be and exercises “WOKENESS” ONLY because it has recently become a fad for his Domestic Terrorist Party (aka Democrat Party).

But that is okay as long as John Hummel keeps racking up brownie points to help groom his political career by bullying people like me.

This is how privileged Whites like John Hummel are able to escape the Left’s scrutiny because he attacks middle income Conservative families like mine to financially destroy us where we are on the verge of homelessness.

Aren’t Blue State PNW Democrats such WONDERFUL people?

They’re so WOKE that they fail to see injustices occurring right in front of their SJW faces!


Under former Chief of Bend Police, Jim Porter, the Bend Police Department employed David Poole and other Officers that were involved in an excessive force incident back in 2013 that resulted in a female Physical Therapist being severely injured. All I can say from my experience with the Bend Police Department in this town is that you CANNOT trust ANYTHING the Bend Police say in their reports because they WILL exaggerate and even blatantly LIE to cover their asses.

This is what Blue State Cops do now days. They LIE because they know that sorry excuses for District Attorneys like John Hummel will simply let them off the hook. David Poole should NEVER work in law enforcement EVER again along with the other Officers involved, but he most certainly was after this incident. I am assuming that after the settlement in this excessive use of force case, the Bend Police Department let David Poole go, but that is just speculation. However, it seems the Redmond Police Department hired him, or possibly he worked there part time (who knows?), but that apparently was short-lived because if you refer to the below DPSST Open/Pending Professional Standards Case spreadsheet, it shows that David Poole has a status of “Separation from Employment” from the Redmond Police Department. So, maybe he got a raise from Bend and left Redmond. Anyway, the point is that Davide Poole is a draconian prick. So much so that one time he even arrested a person for a DWI all because the individual backed out 2 feet in a parking lot, then pulled back up and exited their vehicle after realizing they shouldn’t drive and decided to call a cab. Yup, that’s right, 2 feet in a parking lot. David Poole, he sure lives up to the typical Police asshole stereotype with his draconian and authoritarian practices. He even put this in the Police report that the person backed out 2 feet, pulled up and exited their vehicle, but John Hummel and Judge Wells B. Ashby disregarded that completely. What a fantastic system Bend and Deschutes County has in place, right? I mean, if the Central Oregon INjustice system isn’t ruining people’s lives on a continual basis all paid for by ignorant tax payers and voters, then they just ain’t doing their job!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that after Davide Poole helped beat the shit out of the aforementioned female Physical Therapist above in 2013, he received a Police Officer of the Year Award in 2014.

YUP, he received and AWARD.

Let me repeat that, David Poole who helped BEAT a female citizen RECEIVED an AWARD!!

My question is, why was David Poole able to maintain a career in law enforcement after he was involved in such an egregious act of violence against a Bend citizen?

Well, I would say it was because Jim Porter, the former Bend Police Chief, provided a sanctuary to these blatantly violent Officers.

Where was the Mayor and City Manager and why weren’t they involved?

You can read about the aforementioned incident here:

One more thing!

The Bend Police stand idly by while a bunch of idiot PNW treasonous Leftists block Federal Agent’s buses after they detained illegal immigrants that had warrants:

I am SO glad to know that my tax dollars go to support such a “PROGRESSIVE” Police Department like the Bend Police.

And if that isn’t enough for you, the Bend Police Department just hired a new Chief of Police.

I will let you take a guess where this lil jewel came from.

If you guessed Portland, then you’ve done your homework!

The stand down Portland Police Department takes citizen’s tax dollars and then stand idly by while ANTIFA goons and violent BLM agitators attack those they disagree with politically. Why do they stand down? Well, because Ted Wheeler directed them to of course. You see, Blue State cops can be used as political pawns by radical Leftist leaders and when given orders by anti-American treasonous and subversive bureaucrats, they comply. The City Manager of Bend decided that the city would be better off with one of these “Stand Down Officers” to be rewarded with the coveted title and role of “Chief of Police” – YAY!

His name is Mike Krantz:

I just LOVE ALL this WONDERFUL “WOKENESS” my property taxes go to support!

Jake Strayer Was NEVER Arrested, But I Was – HUH?

You need to understand that the night of my arrest, on 11/25/2019, was months before the ANTI-POLICE movement became mainstream following the death of George Floyd. So, the Bend Police were the same ol’ “Arrest Happy” Stasi style Police (aka “Progressive Police”) that everyone has come to know and love. If the Bend Police are called out to ANY incident, someone will be in handcuffs and John Hummel will push for charges, NO MATTER WHAT! This is their little extortion operation in the county seat of Deschutes. Not one person was attacked, but I was accosted, physically assaulted, almost shot, handcuffs placed on me, tossed in jail away from my wife and children because WHY? Because offended Lefty’s didn’t like a White guy with a Trump sticker and a Brown guy telling females in Spanish that they are attractive and they wanted us out of their establishment.

THAT WAS IT! That’s the ONLY reason I was arrested!

But, do you want to know who WASN’T arrested?

His name is Jake Strayer, a man that punched, assaulted and even pointed a loaded gun at a woman’s head during a clash at the Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park on 10/3/2020. Now, I just want to point out that Jake Strayer and I more than likely share the exact same political leanings, however, I do not believe that his approach should be commended.

Even with numerous photos and phone recordings showing Jake Strayer’s actions, the Bend Police STILL did not take him into custody!

So, the Bend Police felt tha I was such a danger on 11/25/2019 that they took me into custody because I NEVER assaulted anyone? But, they let Jake Strayer go?

How is this equal justice under the law?

The Progressive Police of Bend stated that they arrested me because, wait for it, they smelled alcohol on my breath! This is NOT a joke, they smelled alcohol on my breath and felt that because I had consumed alcohol, that I posed a risk to public safety. So, Oregon is a state that does NOT have public intoxication laws, but because of the great authority blindly given to the Bend Police, they apparently can legislate in the field. WOW! How great it must be to be a Bend Cop that has the right to actually pass laws while wearing black Danner leather boots!

Here are images of Jake Strayer attacking folks and when I say folks, I mean radical anti-American Leftists in black clad stealing Trump supporters’ flags:

ORIG 10/03/20 Punches are thrown as Trump supporters and counter protesters clash at Pilot Butte on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020.

Let’s recap!

JAKE STRAYER: Attacks, punches, pulls out a gun and points it at a woman = NOT ARRESTED!

RON RATZLAFF: I get falsely accused, accosted, assaulted, almost shot = ARRESTED

Now, please explain to me how this is PROGRESSIVE Policing?


It’s simple, I was arrested over a LIE!

My life has been ruined!

I abruptly lost my job in February 2020 and I believe without a shadow of a doubt it was because of this arrest back in November 2019. My mugshot and my name is all over online. All you have to do is simply do a Google search for Ronald Ratzlaff Bend, OR. I have not been employed since then. On top of all that, my wife miscarried due to the stress that this has caused us. I cannot feed my kids and I am absolutely PISSED OFF and now I am on a mission to utterly ruin the lives of those that have unnecessarily ruined mine! That includes the ENTIRE Deschutes County Criminal INjustice System! I want this GODDAMN system burned down!

Let me help put something in perspective here. Mike Perry, a UFC fighter, when in a drunken stupor at a restaurant in Lubbock, TX assaulted 3 people. This was ALL caught on VIDEO! The Lubbock Police showed up and he wasn’t even arrested!

Grant it, Texas is not ran by a crazy radical Lefty misandrist and Marxist (Emperor Kate Brown), but I believe the stark contrast here should help illustrate how draconian the Oregon Criminal INjustice System really is, or at least the Central Oregon Criminal INjustice System in Deschutes County is along with the Bend Police Department and the Deschutes County DA’s Office (John Hummel).

Now, let’s look at my situation once again:

So, I walk into a bar with two people I just met and I have absolutely no idea about any of their idiosyncrasies or their character whatsoever. They become overzealous with their compliments with much of it being in Spanish. I am trying to deter their efforts because the whole interaction is making me and obviously the 10 Barrel staff uncomfortable. They get kicked out. Then I get accosted, physically assaulted, almost shot, then handcuffed, taken to the Deschutes County jail, fingerprinted, mugshot taken and posted online, and spent the night in jail away from my wife and two children – ALL because Josephine “Josie” Kinney lied about me groping her ass!

If someone does not know the difference of someone  bumping into them from their ass getting palmed, then they have more severe issues than just being a Trump hating compulsive lying misandrist and they should NEVER work in any public facing business EVER again!


Alleged Witness: The Lying Server – Josephine “Josie” Kinney

I finally found out why the Manager kept yelling at me with her fingers in my face accusing me of “inappropriately touching someone”. That someone was the server that I had accidentally bumped into while trying to take a seat. She apparently went around the bar and told all her coworkers that I grabbed her butt. However, when the Police show up to question her for their report, she changes her story and says, “Well, he could have just bumped into me. I will check the surveillance to make sure”. It’s simple, this person lied about me because she saw my Trump sticker and didn’t like my political leanings and decided to lie about me groping her to all her coworkers. 

Josephine Kinney appears to also be involved in a business venture with one of her relatives, presumably her sibling.

Anyway, here is the website:

I am certain other Lefty compulsive lying misandrists in the Marxist state of Oregon will just love to seek the services that this business offers that employs such beacons of the Leftist Bend community, which is MOST of Bend!

Oh, one more thing!

For someone that had such a desire to travel to South America in High School to countries full of Brown people that speak Spanish, Josie Kinney seemed to harbor disdain towards Brown people speaking Spanish at her place of work that I was sitting with. 

Josephine “Josie” Kinney is such an exemplary epitome of Blue State “Woke White Privileged Female Leftism”! 

Aren’t LYING PNW White Female SJW Lefties AWESOME?

Anheuser-Busch, 10 Barrel, the Bend Police, and John Hummel seem to think so!

Oh, one more thing, THERE IS NO SURVEILLANCE!


Apparently 10 Barrel deleted the surveillance and then lied about not being able to see anything from various angles.

How convenient that must be for them?

I wonder what 10 Barrel is so afraid of us knowing?

Perhaps it exposes their utter lies!

Their egregious and outrageous abuse towards me!

Their ridiculous overreaction and blatant belligerence directed at me!

Or just maybe, it shows them partying it up as well and partaking of the shit water known as a 10 Barrel libation?

I wouldn’t doubt it!

Allison Ratcliffe, Brennan Pebbles, Josephine “Josie” Kinney, and Amber Yelas could all very well have been drinking and they simply covered it up, like Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It must be good to be a sleazy Lefty Democrat in a rogue treasonous Blue State like the People’s Republic of Emperor Kate Brown’s Oregon!

Alleged Victim: Brennan Pebbles

It is absolutely disgusting how this individual can call himself a “victim” when I was the one initially being victimized by 10 Barrel. Again, I was accosted and physically assaulted by him and his Manager, Alison Ratcliffe. Brennan Pebbles is/was apparently their bar tender. He was obviously the individual placing his hands on me trying to force me outside while I was fearing I would be physically assaulted by anti-Trump radicals who harbor disdain and contempt for people who share political leanings such as mine.

Brennan Pebbles seems to think that a person holding their knife in their hand, blade NOT unsheathed, and then placing the knife right back in their pocket after ensuring that the blade lock was NOT knocked loose warrants an overreaction by him and his employer (10 Barrel) that necessitates an unnecessary physical altercation.

Brennan Pebbles seems to have a skewed understanding of what menacing is, but why? I mean, he was involved in a very serious incident where he had to take someone’s life. As a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and self-defense, I am NOT knocking Brennan Pebbles at all for his justifiable actions. He was involved in something very “menacing” where his very life was in danger. So, obviously, he reacted by defending himself against his former next door neighbor who was essentially hunting him down with an assault rifle while Pebbles was in his own home.

Therefore, why would Brennan Pebbles seem to think that someone merely holding a knife where the blade was NEVER released, then placed back in their pocket, give him justification for assaulting me?


It was 10 Barrel that unnecessarily escalated the entire incident and put me in a situation that they should NOT have done – PERIOD!

I was the one who was trying to calmly explain what happened to Alison Ratcliffe, but she completely and insanely overreacted based on a lie by Josephine Kinney, it’s that simple!

Alleged Witness: Jack Devin Dollarhide

I have absolutely no idea who this person is and do not recall ever seeing them, but I do see here that he was arrested for a DWI on 8/5/2020 months after the initial incident occurred:

Alledged Witness: Amanda Amber Yelas

I have no idea who this person is and do not recall ever seeing her.


I urge anyone and everyone to come and watch the circus show that John Hummel has decided to carry on to ruin mine and my children’s lives and my name.

  • Trial (Day 1) – February 2, 2021 at 9:00 am (all day)
  • Trial (Day 2) – February 3, 2021 at 9:00 am (all day)

Deschutes County Courthouse Address:

1100 NW Bond Street
Bend, Oregon 97703


Because of this incident and how it has unnecessarily impacted my life, I WILL be seeking a lawsuit against the following parties involved:

  • Anheuser-Busch
  • 10 Barrel
  • Josephine Kinney
  • Alison Ratcliffe
  • Brennan Pebbles
  • The City of Bend for wrongful arrest by the Bend Police Department
  • Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office led by John Hummel
  • Cade Liverman


I have NEVER been so ENRAGED in my entire life as I am right now!

As CONSERVATIVES, we’re not supposed to say this, but here I go anyway:

No more taxes should be levied to these institutions until something is done to address these ridiculous INJUSTICES!